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A boy & a wolf!

How it all begin......

Over 50 years ago, in a place called Maryland…….


A 9-year-old boy sat in the middle of his backyard while a large German Shepherd slowly approached.  The dog was growling quietly, though for a feeling inexplicable to the boy, did not seem like a threat.  The boy remained still while his mother frantically called for him to come inside the house immediately.


As the dog drew closer, it became apparent the animal posed no danger.  As the animal reached arms length, it collapsed in front of him, stretched out in the grass like any typical trusted pet, though apparent that it had been injured, with one of its hips bleeding badly. Though the boy did not know at the time, this "German Shepherd" was, in fact, a majestic Timberwolf, which were once abundant in the nearby woods. Though the boy's family had a dog since he was five, little did he realize that this encounter would ignite a deep connection for wildlife within him.


In an attempt to help the wounded animal, the boy instinctively reached out to comfort it with gentle strokes, offering solace to both the wolf and himself. Time passed slowly, over an hour spent in the presence of this enigmatic creature. Suddenly, a noise from the surrounding woods startled the injured wolf, and it bounded away into the distance, never to be seen again.


This experience left an indelible mark on the boy's heart and mind. As the years unfolded, he became a proud pet parent, fostered dozens of various animals, and remained a dedicated volunteer, devoting his time and energy to helping animals in any way possible.  Alongside a fulfilling professional life involving many industries, he has and always will be the boy, petting the wolf and wanting to help the many animals who simply deserve to live their best life!  


There are literally millions of domestic animals euthanized each year that could have had a long, happy life with a ‘forever family’ or a loving sanctuary, but simply did not have a ride.  A dog or cat is euthanized in the US alone roughly every 6 seconds.  Without a ride, tomorrow never happens.  This is the unfortunate truth annually in the US and likely around the world.  


After more than 40 years of volunteering throughout the world of animals and driven by a deep desire to make a profound difference, the need for a solution has never been clearer.  This is how The Whisker Fund Foundation came to be — a noble mission to provide a lifeline for the deserving pets and animals we love!


Please join us as a donor or volunteer. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of countless animals, ensuring they receive the care, compassion, second chances and loving lives they so rightfully deserve.


Welcome to The Whisker Fund Foundation!

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