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To all of you who care for animals and dedicate so much of your time and life to providing the best lives for the animals we all love, you are truly heroes!  Connect with us as soon as able to begin working together as we continue helping more animals find happy places and forever homes!

We connect with organizations and facilities that need to send and/or receive dogs and cats to meet the needs in their respective areas.  We provide transportation (low and high volume) to and/or from Rescues, Shelters, Animal control facilities, Rehabber and private forever homes when needed.  For over 4 decades, our founder has been involved in nearly every situation imaginable, both good and bad.


Along with the entities listed above, our founder has helped rescue and transport animals from dog fighting activities, puppy mills, illegal breeding organizations, crime scenes and natural disasters.  Our primary goal is simply to ensure all animals are treated with love, cared for unconditionally and receive a safe ride to the place they will live their best life!   Let's work together to provide the best lives for our furry friends!


Critical Mission Teammates

We have consistent needs to grow our Critical Mission Teammates as you are often the first on the scene.  The original contact that begins the process with each animal, an animal lover with a special talent or a provider of supplies as there is often never enough when needed.


If you are on the list below, please connect with us as soon as able so we can work together as teammates to continue helping animals live their best lives....


Law enforcement, Fire, EMS​, Animal product suppliers (Food, Carriers, Maintenance products, Toys, Towers, Beds, habitat supplies), Builders, handyman.

Veterinarian / Animal Health Care

​We have a constant need to connect with Veterinarians & other animal health care providers nationwide.  Volunteering your resources is always appreciated whenever you are able and discounted services are greatly appreciated.  The most needed and frequently requested items are:

Health certs, Vaccinations, Spay/neuter, Medication, Surgical procedures, Trauma care & Special food.

Any connections and networking you may able to provide always helps.  The more we all connect and collaborate, the more animals we can help live long happy lives!

Vet Examining Dog
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