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  • Volunteer

    1. Driver

    2. Pilot

    3. Volunteer coordinator

    4. Special event helper

    5. Area/regional support

  • Facility/organization

    1. Rescue/shelter

    2. Animal control

    3. Rehabber

    4. Veterinarian

      • Health certification

      • Vaccinations

      • Spay/neuter

      • Medication

      • Surgical procedures

      • Special food

  • First responder

    1. Law enforcement

    2. Fire

    3. EMS

  • Partner

    1. Suppliers

      • Food

      • Carriers

      • Maintenance products

      • Toys

      • Towers, beds, habitat

    2. Contractors, builders, handyman


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​Thanks for visiting The Whisker Fund Foundation!  Please use the contact area to let us know your area(s) of interest.  Would you prefer we follow up by phone, email or text?   Are there best days/times for follow up?  Thanks again.  We look forward to sharing more and having you become a Whisker Warrior!


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